As currently produces ice cream?

It’s hard to meet someone who does not like ice cream. I still remember the taste of ice cream from my childhood. However, the current ice cream, it’s probably not the same as I remember from the past.

Little is now an ice cream shop, which as years ago engaged in the production of ice cream with natural ingredients – milk and fruit. The pace of modern life and determined the size of the market consumption of ice cream makers. Currently, most of the ice cream shop serves up ice cream made ​​from powder produced by industrial ice cream.

As in most industrial products now find in ice cream enhancers and preservatives and flavorings that have little in common with the natural.

In the country there are a number of key manufacturers of ice cream, but rather concentrates to produce them, who shared the market among themselves.

Ice cream shops in the line of least resistance, serves ice cream made ​​from the powder, and indeed with a candle in hand you can search for confectionery, which still produces ice cream the traditional way. If you know the ice cream shop – let me know!