Inflatable – safe activities for our children

Inflatable slides, inflatable playgrounds, castles, swimming pools with inflatable balls are popular. We know them from all kinds of festivals and outdoor events. There are many specialized companies that hire this kind of attraction .

One such company is World Children’s Entertainment, responsible for operation and rental of outdoor events, so loved by children, inflatable.

World Children’s Entertainment offers:

  • Inflatable playgrounds
  • Inflatable slides
  • Inflatable castles
  • Pools with balls
  • Pools with water balls
  • Various types of small attractions such as Air hockey, bungee and others.

inflatable slides

All equipment offered by the company are fully secure and have all the required approvals.

Children’s World Entertainment invites to cooperation of the organizers of all kinds of outdoor events – festivals, sports and recreation events. The special offer is addressed to companies that are planning to host corporate events involving children.