Aluminium windows – for the house or for the company?

Aluminium windows rarely are installed in the house. The most common aluminum structures are installed in public buildings and industrial buildings. Companies decide to installation of aluminum due to the large surfaces of windows.

Aluminium structures are lightweight, more durable and less prone to damage and weathering than the window frames with PVC. Therefore, the owners of halls, large offices appreciate these advantages. Another advantage of aluminum is a wide range of colors and the ability to do custom design. Aluminium is sensitive to any violation, breakdown and cutting. This way we can create circles, arcs or trapezoids.

The aluminum profiles are narrow, which gives the impression of slenderness and elegance. An important advantage of aluminum windows is their finish, because aluminum protects itself against corrosion by anodising or powder coating.

aluminium windows Szczecin

Unfortunately, the disadvantage of aluminum windows is their price. They are more expensive because each order of aluminum is carried out individually, resulting in increased costs compared to typical windows.

The houses do not need large windows, because the window in the block does not belong to the giants. Just sleek, energy efficient PVC window in white or golden oak – these colors are usually preferred by customers. And why overpay when you can have a good price for a good PVC window.