Life on the cartons

For a few days living in his apartment. Finally, the first own apartment… in Berlin. Berlin welcomed new residents beautiful weather, perhaps a sign of wonderful life in this city. In fact, this brand new apartment looks like one big carton. Cartons in one room, boxes in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen and stairwell. Such a cardboard image.

Time in this case is important. If not described cartons that will be hard to guess where he packed a kettle to make yourself and guests tea or coffee. Speaking of guests, bows window sills! Cartons as found, window sills are also. This is where you sit. The event will be original. I think Berlin will survive the cardboard party?


After the event you can see further cartons? Can be seen. Cartons not diminished. Even some serve as a table, such durable. No time for more unpacking, because the new job is waiting. Well, that is working in Berlin for young people. We need the money, which quickly come to an end. The need is enormous, as in all. But the sight of the eternal cartons throughout the apartment overwhelmed. It is no longer possible to look at these boxes. Life on the cartons is not cool…