Hydraulic hoses cutters – the necessary workshop equipment

If you ever had to deal with the hydraulic hoses certainly you noticed their high resistance to mechanical damage. Hydraulic hoses are manufactured in such a way and with such materials to withstand unfriendly environment while working on hydraulic systems. Deliberate cutting hydraulic hose, whether it is in the production phase, or to fit a specific cable to the hydraulic system is a task that, using household tools such as knives and scissors, it is impossible to achieve.

Fortunately, the development of technology has created a specialized equipment capable of easily cut each hydraulic hose regardless of its type, thereby allowing adjustment of the specific hydraulic hose to the preferred size. Hydraulic hoses cutter is therefore an indispensable element of production and future maintenance of hydraulic hoses.


When buying a hydraulic hoses cutter, do not pay attention only to the price of the machine (which is not cheap), but also the quality of steel, by means of which is made of a cutting blade. Choosing cutter, we should seek blade speed steel of the highest quality, which directly affects the speed and fluidity of the intersection of hydraulic hose.

In addition to selecting the hydraulic hoses cutter, we should pay special attention to cutting drive, which, depending on your preferences, may be manual or electric. Choosing cutter for hydraulic hoses with electric drive, you should try to make this device had a possible maximum power of the engine, thereby allowing cutting thicker and stronger hydraulic lines. The appropriate choice of an engine with higher power allows the actual cutter for quieter operation.

Categorically you can not afford to buy a cutter for hydraulic hoses, which does not have in their inventory to cover the blade, his absence because both increases the probability of an accident when using such a machine, and breaking health and safety standards.

An interesting solution, which is worth considering when buying a cutter for hydraulic hoses, is built into the device engine braking, which provides an additional guarantee of safety when working with hydraulic hoses.

When buying a hydraulic cutter, be sure to match the offer data saws to suit your needs, because we can distinguish cutting for both private use, lightweight, and cutters used in heavy industry.

Another element which we can follow when purchasing a hydraulic cutter is its mobility. Currently on the market they are available in both portable saws, which can be transported by car (usually less cutting power), as well as cutting-mounted surface permanently.

Whatever cutter for hydraulic hoses we buy, certainly it is a purchase that will pay off. Buying cutting will increase the efficiency and reputation of the workshop and expand the scope of services offered.